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What Are Popping Pearls?

Originating in Asia, Popping pearls are also known as bursting boba, or popping boba do to their fruit juice interior that burst when bitten into. Popping pearls look like tapioca boba, except they are colorful, made of seaweed extract, and filled with fruit juice. They are different and distinct, but serve the same purpose for being a drink or beverage topping.

Each popping pearl is about 3/8″ in diameter and bursts with flavorful fruit juices when bitten into.

Best Popping Boba Flavors

This is a list of the top 10 best popping boba flavors ranked from best to the least favorite, with additionals added into the ranking that are worth trying out. They are the most purchased flavors for exploding boba. Unlike tapioca pearls they do not require cooking, and come in various fruit flavors. 

They are fun additions to have in your Bubble milk tea, iced tea, ice cream, desserts on top of cakes, yoghurts, or eaten by themselves. They have a covering to hold the juice in which pops on consumption, but with a thinner layer. These are a bit better than having candies, because they are made from seaweed with real fruit ingredients and juices.

When consumed they burst with fruit flavors in the mouth, which can be pretty fun.

One important thing to not is that they have to be kept refrigerated after opening, and should never be frozen.

1. Strawberry Exploding Bursting Boba

Popping boba flavored with strawberry syrup! The product has received a lot of reviews compared to the other choices. This is more than triple of some of the other picks. Strawberries are often used for cheesecakes, oatmeal cookies, strawberry ice cream, strawberry milkshake,and cakes, and yogurt besides the bubble tea drink.

Strawberry Popping Boba

2. Mango Exploding Bursting Boba

Mango flavored popping boba also received a lot of love, ranking in at number 2. The pearls when consumed, reminds you of the actual fruit; even though it isn’t. Mangos are great all by themselves, so this would make a good fruit splash to pop in your mouth. The complex taste that bursts in the tongue surely makes a Mango popping bursting boba balls fun to submerge your taste buds into. The Mango filled balls are best when paired with the traditional Taiwanese bubble tea drinks, or you can also add it to your favorite yogurt or dessert.

Mango popping boba

3. Passion Fruit Exploding Bursting Boba

Passion Fruit exploding boba ranks in at number 3 with its tarty sour juicy flavor. The tropical fruit taste is delicious reminiscent of sour candy, but a whole lot juicier. A fruit tea or boba juice would go well with these in the drink. A tumbler of milk tea with a spoonful of passion fruit popping bursting boba pearls is an amazing and affordable way to enjoy passion fruits right in the comfort of your house. The passion fruit adds an astounding brightness to the tea, slightly acidic with a tropical tang that is offset perfectly by the creamy sweet tea.

Passion Fruit popping boba

4. Lychee Exploding Bursting Boba

Lychee exploding boba looks just like the inside of the tropical Asian lychee fruit when it’s peeled. The taste is stronger than the taste of grapes, making this a great snack that also mixes well with other fruit flavors. The best selection to have for diversity. The complex taste that bursts in your mouth surely makes a Lychee popping bursting boba balls fun to sink your teeth into surely; desserts with Lychee boba are made more exciting.

Lychee Popping Boba

5. Blueberry Exploding Boba

Blueberry exploding boba pearls that are small like blueberries, with the taste of blueberries only juicier. Blueberries go well with pie desserts and yogurt to give it them extra flavor. The sweet flavor of Blueberry and its distinct aroma fill the bursting boba pearls. Serving the bursting pearls in your next party is a nice and sweet surprise to unsuspecting guests.

Popping Boba Blueberry

6. Rainbow Exploding Bursting Boba

Rainbow exploding boba has an assortment of flavors: mango, passion fruit, strawberry, blueberry, and lychee. This choice adds the most fun to an already fun drink with bursting boba. This is a great pick to eat by itself or combine with teas and fruit drinks. They add fun and appeal to your beverage concoctions.

Exploding Bursting Boba

7. Chocolate Exploding Bursting Boba

Never tried this boba innovation before? It’ll give your drinks or dessert a fresh look and style. Chocolate Popping boba is ideal with Frozen Yogurt, cold drinks, shaved ice, and ice cream. Or, you can also add them to your pudding jelly or cake for a unique presentation. The world has fallen in love with these and so will you!

Chocolate Popping Boba

8. Coffee Exploding Bursting Boba

And this incredible  classic coffee flavor has its own mouth feel. Never tried this boba innovation before? It’ll give your drinks or dessert a fresh look and style. Coffee popping boba is ideal with Frozen Yogurt, cold drinks, shaved ice, and ice cream. Or, you can also add them to your pudding jelly or cake for a unique presentation.

Coffee Popping Boba

9. Cherry Exploding Bursting Boba

Cherry exploding boba is number ten with the unique and spectacular taste of cherries. Unlike the other boba selections, this one isn’t transparent, so they resemble actual cherries. Would be great as a cherry fruit snack, or with pies and cakes. The tart taste with slight sweetness makes it a great snack.

Cherry popping boba

10. Peach Exploding Bursting Boba

Explode your senses with real Peach pop in your mouth when you suck it with extra Fat Straw. These Tasty Fruit poppers will bring in new surprise and satisfy even pickiest tooth we serve the needs of every consumer.

Peach popping boba

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