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Boba Tea , Bubble Tea or Pearl Milk tea – which one is the best to be honest?

Boba Tea, Bubble Tea or Pearl Milk tea

If you guys didn’t know already, the Boba Time team is based in India. The majority of us in India call Boba tea, Bubble tea.

We know you all love Boba tea but do you know the history behind it (It’s really interesting, we promise)

Boba tea originated from Taiwan and was invented by combining one of Taiwan’s most famous drinks, Bubble tea (Paomo Hongcha) and one of Taiwan’s most famous/popular desserts Tapioca balls (Fen yuan) together.

Fun Fact #1:

Bubble and Foam Black Tea, this term was used because of the foam and bubbles formed after mixing/shaking together Black tea, Sugar syrup and Ice cubes. This is where the term “Bubble Tea” was derived from and the term “Bubble” does not actually refer to the Pearls.

Boba tapioca pearls

So how did the term “Boba” come about?

The term “Boba” is an early Taiwanese slang used to describe the “Pearls” inside the Boba milk tea.

Fun fact #2:

Boba is actually a slang in Taiwanese for “Girls with huge breasts”, which means breasts and means lord/dominator. For Marketing purposes, the marketers back then in Taiwan associated the shape of the pearls with large breasts in order to gain more attention. (BTW, we don’t condone referring to girls/women in such a disrespectful way). Fortunately, the trend of using the term “Boba” has died off already and it’s rarely used anymore in Taiwan.

You may be thinking, so what does the majority of Taiwanese people call Boba tea now?

(Zhen zhu nai cha) or more commonly referred to as (Zhen nai)! Which directly translates to be Pearl Milk Tea.

Fun Fact #3:

The term “Pearl” has no association whatsoever with Tapioca Balls. Tapioca balls is actually called (Fen yuan) which simply means “Starch Balls”. These Starch balls are commonly found in popular Taiwanese dessert/snack. The term “Pearl” was adopted by marketers because it was a much more marketable name than “Starch ball milk tea”

Okay, so what is the correct name? Is it Boba Tea or Bubble Tea or Pearl Milk tea?

We personally think Pearl Milk tea is the most appropriate name compared to Boba tea or Bubble tea. It is what Taiwanese people call it right now and as the country of Pearl Milk tea’s origin, we think we should align with what they call it.

What are your thoughts on Boba Tea?

Bubble tea or Boba Tea comes in a variety of flavors and can be customised with different types of milk, sweeteners, and toppings. Some variations may include fruit flavors, coffee, or matcha, while others may feature different types of jelly or fruit pieces.

While bubble tea is generally considered safe to consume in moderation, it’s important to note that it can be high in sugar and calories, particularly if sweetened with condensed milk or other sugary syrups. If you’re concerned about your sugar intake, you may want to consider ordering a less sweetened version or limiting your bubble tea consumption.

Below are the health benefits that boba tea provides.
·       Lower Blood Pressure

·       Decreases risk of cancer

·       Provides Calcium to the body

·  Boosts Energy

·       Boosts the Immune System

·       Reduces Free Radical Damage

·       Fighting Inflammation

·       Releases Stress and Anxiety

·       Beneficial for Heart Health

·       Good for Digestive Health

We believe in using the best quality ingredients to consistently serve our customers with a delicious range of drinks that have not only been created with utmost care, but also with the sharpest appearance.

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