Do Bubble Tea And Coffee Work Best Together?

If you’re a fan of coffee and bubble tea, you might be wondering if they work together. 

The answer to this question is yes, bubble tea and coffee work wonderfully together, hence the creation of the drink bubble coffee. 

As tapioca pearls have a delicious caramel taste, the flavours marry together to create a bittersweet and creamy drink that any coffee lover should try at least once. 

The History Of Bubble Coffee 

If you’re new to the concept of bubble coffee, you might be curious about the history of bubble coffee.

Bubble tea was initially invented in the 1980s in Taiwan. However, in more recent years, people began adding coffee, both modernising and revolutionising the authentic Asian drink.

Bubble coffee owes its popularity to its moreish, bittersweet taste and the fact that it offers a bigger caffeine fix than bubble tea.

Regardless of whether you enjoy your coffee hot or iced, there’s an array of drinks that you can create if you enjoy both bubble tea and coffee.

These drinks include, but are not limited to:

  1. Cold coffee with Boba
  2. Hot coffee with Boba
  3. Iced latte with bubbles
  4. Teapresso
  5. Iced Americano with Boba

1. Cold Coffee

Cold Bubble coffee, also referred to as boba coffee, is the most popular way to enjoy the best of both bubble tea and coffee.

Bubble coffee is traditionally served over deliciously chewy tapioca pearls, and bubble tea shops now offer various flavours of bubble coffee depending on the shop in question.  

At Boba Time, our menu offers various types of delicious bubble coffee. The flavours include:

  • Hazelnut Cold Coffee with Boba- Offering a rich and creamy flavour profile with Hazelnut Syrup
  • Caramel Cold Coffee with Boba – Offering a depth of flavour with caramel notes
  • Cold Coffee with Boba – Offering a unique flavour that includes notes from the best Nescafe coffee

If you’re interested in trying bubble coffee today, use the Bubblebase app to order ahead and beat the queues or order from one of our delivery partners to get bubble coffee delivered straight to your home.

Cold coffee with Boba

2. Hot Coffee With Bubbles 

If you prefer to drink bubble tea hot, then hot coffee with bubbles is the perfect option for you.

While bubble tea is traditionally served cold, that doesn’t mean that bubble tea can’t be enjoyed hot, and the same principle applies to hot coffee with bubbles. 

Our coffee bar at Boba Time allows you to choose from an array of hot drinks that you have the potential to enjoy with the addition of bubbles like Hot Chcolate, Hot Matcha and Taro Tea, Hot Thai tea, Hot Chai and many more.

It’s the perfect warming drink to enjoy on a cold winter’s day!

Hot coffee with boba

3. Iced Latte With Bubbles 

Another drink to enjoy is an iced latte with bubbles. Considering bubble tea is traditionally served over ice, an iced latte with bubbles isn’t too much of a departure from what you’d expect, but also offers something new in terms of its flavour profile.

The great thing about an iced latte with bubbles is that the bubbles help to imitate the experience of drinking bubble tea, without you having to sacrifice your morning pick-me-up. 

From tapioca pearls, to flavoured popping bubbles, the options are truly endless for enjoying your morning iced latte with bubbles.

4. Teapresso 

There is teapresso, a unique method of making tea that was developed relatively recently.

As the name suggests, teapresso is an espressostyle tea that has both a smooth and strong flavour.

Although teapresso doesn’t actually contain coffee, the innovative drink is prepared similarly to that of espresso, so it’s worthy of a mention. 

At Bubblebase, we offer four types of teapresso, including Ceylon Milk Tea, Earl Grey Milk Tea, Japanese Sencha Milk Tea, and Oolong Milk Tea.

5.  Iced Americano With boba

Last, but not least, we also serve Iced Americano with boba at Boba Time.

Are you an espresso lover and want a refreshing spin on the classic hot drinks? try the iced americano! the classic americano is bold and bitter, and diluting creamy espresso with hot water opens up its flavor and lets you enjoy the cup a little longer.

Two espresso shots are diluted with cold water and ice cubes & boba in a bottle.

Top it off with a big boba straw and enjoy! Think of giving this a try, let us know how you do. 

Hopefully, this article has given you some inspiration on how you can enjoy bubble tea and coffee together. Next time you’re ordering your drink, why don’t you give it a go?

We at Boba Time believe in using the best quality of ingredients to consistently serve our customers with a delicious range of drinks that have not only been created with the utmost care, but also with the sharpest appearance.

You can purchase tapioca pearls from us if you do not wish to cook them yourself

We believe in using the best quality ingredients to consistently serve our customers with a delicious range of drinks that have not only been created with utmost care, but also with the sharpest appearance.

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